Hockey Betting Systems

Betting on the National Hockey League (NHL) may not have the same cachet or popularity as football or basketball wagering. That doesn’t mean it’s any less of a money winning opportunity. In fact, hockey’s lower profile often works to a savvy bettor’s advantage — as long as he knows when to strike.

Before we take a look at some common hockey betting systems, let’s take a quick peek at the basics of NHL betting.

Popular hockey wagers

Watching a tightly contested game is a thrilling experience. It’s even more exciting if you’ve made a smart bet on the action. One of the most common ways to make that wager is through moneyline betting. In this scenario, odds are awarded to the favorite and the underdog — the bettor just has to pick the winner. The bettor can also choose puck line betting, where he can pick the favorite and lay 1.5 goals or take the underdog plus 1.5 goals. The spread is always the same — 1.5. Bettors may also choose to bet on the total number of goals scored in a given game.

Why hockey is a smart bet

When it comes to betting on league sports, football, baseball and basketball are the uncontested big three. That doesn’t mean hockey betting isn’t worthwhile. In fact, hockey’s lower profile can work in your favor. Because the volume of hockey bets is much lower, oddsmakers often pay less attention to the games when setting lines. The lines also move with less frequency. This relative inattention can be exploited by a bettor who knows what he’s doing.

Common Hockey Betting Systems

Bettors in every sport are constantly searching for a successful, repeatable betting system — and hockey is no different. There are a variety of common wagering systems and strategies hockey bettors employ. A good system has several benefits: it can serve as a kind of betting shorthand, allowing bettors to place a large number of bets without doing much individual research; a good system also provides invaluable data that can reveal important underlying trends to be exploited.

In hockey, wagering on a select group of underdogs is one of the more common systems bettors use. The betting public tends to fall in love with favorites, so the odds for underdogs are often tempting. The key is discovering an underdog with subtle variables working in its favor. This could involve a key player weakened by a minor injury, or a player who historically dominates a certain team. Many bettors believe it’s smart to pick moderate underdogs when they’re playing at home. A moderate underdog is typically more likely to win than a heavy underdog. Home field advantage will also enhance the team’s chance for success. Betting on the underdog also allows you to lose a majority of your bets while still making money.

Another simple yet popular system involves taking advantage of the betting public’s tendency to overreact to streaks. If an otherwise good hockey team hits a rough patch, many bettors will avoid them, allowing the team to become undervalued for betting purposes. There is a certain amount of performance variability over the course of an 82-game NHL season. The average bettor may overreact, allowing savvy bettors to take advantage.

Other hockey betting systems are often designed after a change in how the game is played. New rules may have a major impact on scoring, for example. If the NHL mandates goalie equipment must get smaller, it’s likely scoring will decline — particularly early in the year, when players are still getting used to the changes. Smart bettors factor these changes into the equation.

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