Football Betting Systems

Football and betting go together like peanut butter and jelly. The NFL, with its tightly compressed, every-game-counts schedule, lends itself perfectly to wagering. It also culminates with the biggest sporting (and betting) event of the year — the Super Bowl.

While almost every football fan has bet on the game in some form or another, few approach it with the kind of savvy needed to win consistently.

Before we check out some popular football betting systems, let’s take a look at the most common ways to wager.

Popular football bets

Point spread betting is the king of NFL bets. The beauty of this bet lies in its simplicity. An oddsmaker establishes a number of points that the favored team must win by. The underdog must not lose by more than those same points. The bettor simply picks the favorite or the underdog. To win, the selected team must beat the spread.

Moneyline is even simpler than point spread betting. Here the bettor just picks a winner or loser. The payout is determined by the odds. Favorites pay less, underdogs pay more.

Total, or over/under, is a bet where the oddsmaker sets a projected point total scored in a game. The bettor picks the teams to score over or under that total.

Finally, bettors can choose prop bets. These are bets on things such as the number of touchdowns a player scores, or who might win a postseason award. During the Super Bowl, a wide variety of interesting prop bets are available, including bets on the length of the National Anthem or the coin flip.

Why bet on football?

The short answer: Because that’s where the action is. Football betting is the number one sports bet. It’s the horse that drives the cart; the straw that stirs the drink. Because of its popularity, football provides smart bettors with massive opportunity. Because so many people bet on football, a savvy bettor can often make money by exploiting the betting public’s tendency to overreact or make poor, low-information bets.

Common football betting systems

Many bettors search high and low for football betting systems that deliver consistent results. A successful system offers one major benefit — it allows bettors to place a large number of wagers while minimizing time spent on research. If the system is built on a sound foundation, it can also pay big dividends — at least until oddsmakers adjust.

There are countless systems football bettors can choose to employ. A bettor could choose to place a moneyline wager on every underdog facing a spread of more than 17 points. Under this scenario, a bettor could lose four bets out of five and still win money, by capitalizing on the odds.

Betting on home underdogs is another popular system. Historically, underdogs playing at home have outperformed the spread. If you can find an underdog with other variables in its favor (injuries, fresh from coming off a bye week, etc.), that’s usually a bet that bears serious consideration.

Other strategies include: betting on road teams coming off a loss; betting against home favorites coming off a blowout; betting in favor of the highest scoring teams in the NFL — while simultaneously betting against the lowest scoring team.

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