Basketball Betting Systems

Few sports are better suited to betting than basketball. The sport is simple enough for even the most casual sports fan to grasp. But there are enough variables in play to provide advanced bettors with a significant edge — if that bettor knows what to look for.

Before we look at basketball betting systems, let’s examine some of the most common ways to bet hoops.

Popular Basketball Wagers

There are a variety of ways to bet on basketball, all of which are fairly easy to understand. Perhaps the most well-known basketball wager involves betting a point spread. You don’t necessarily have to pick the winner — you’re just betting on how many points your team will win or lose by.

Another popular bet is over/under, or total. Here the oddsmaker sets a total number of points both teams are projected to score in a game. The bettor either wagers the teams will score over or under the projected total.

Perhaps the simplest bet is a moneyline bet. Here the bettor just has to choose a winner. Favorites pay out less than underdogs.

Finally, bettors often make basketball prop bets. These are wagers that typically aren’t tied to an individual game outcome. Betting that Kevin Durant wins the NBA MVP award is an example of a prop bet.

Why bet on basketball?

There are several good reasons to bet on basketball, but foremost among them is simplicity. Basketball is the easiest game to bet. Even the most novice bettor can navigate point spread or over/under bets. While the barrier to entry is low, the rewards can be substantial.

The game of basketball is currently in the midst of a statistical and analytical revolution. Much like baseball, our understanding of the sport has taken a quantum leap in recent years, thanks to new metrics and data analysis. This makes basketball fertile ground for smart bettors who employ cutting-edge tactics.

Basketball Betting Systems

As long as basketball betting has been around, bettors have been developing systems to beat the odds. A good system allows bettors to place a large number of bets without investing massive amounts of research into each game. It also allows bettors to exploit ongoing trends for immediate profit.

There are an almost limitless number of NBA betting systems. Some involve fairly complicated math. For example, a bettor might create a formula derived from statistical variables such as the winning percentages of both teams.

Those who prefer to leave math out of the equation have plenty of other basketball betting systems to employ. A bettor might choose to wager against a team at the end of a road trip, when physical and psychological weariness could have an adverse effect on players. This same situation could also make for a smart over/under bet. Another system involves late line movement. By focusing on games that see late adjustments, bettors may put themselves in a position to bet against an overreaction by the betting public — or another line-moving variable that is ripe to be exploited.

Another classic basketball betting system involves finding a game where oddsmakers have set the total fairly high. If the teams are from opposing conferences, or play each other less frequently, betting the over can be a winning strategy. Teams lacking familiarity often struggle on the defensive end.

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