Baseball Betting Systems

No professional sport matches baseball for pure betting opportunity. Thanks to its lengthy 162-game schedule, bettors have a veritable feast of appealing options. Along with its huge variety of games, baseball also offers bettors a mound of data to explore. If you’re looking to develop a betting system, few sports offer as much raw material to work with.

Before we talk baseball betting systems, let’s start with an overview of baseball betting mechanics.

Popular baseball wagers

Spread betting, also called the run line, is one of the most common baseball wagers. Odds makers pick a favorite and then determine how many runs the favorite must win by in order to cover. Bettors can choose the favorite or the underdog.

For those looking for something a little easier, moneyline is the play. Here bettors only have to pick a winner. The payout for underdogs is much higher, so a bettor can lose the majority of his bets and still come out ahead.

Total, or over/under, is a wager where the odds maker predicts the total number of runs scored in a given game. The bettor has to choose whether or not both teams will combine to score over or under the total.

Prop bets involve action that’s not related to the outcome of a single sporting event. For example, a bettor might choose to wager that Mike Trout will win the Triple Crown, or that the Texas Rangers will win their division.

Why bet on baseball?

Baseball offers skilled bettors a chance to really flex their muscles. Baseball was part of the vanguard of the sports analytics revolution. No other sport matches baseball for deep statistical analysis or data generation. For bettors who can spot uncovered statistical trends and then exploit this knowledge, baseball offers tremendous opportunity.

Popular baseball betting systems

Baseball may be America’s pastime, but we’d wager far more people bet on the game than play it – and those bettors are always looking for an edge. If an edge is uncovered, odds are it will form the basis of a betting system. Baseball betting systems are helpful because they allow MLB bettors to place a large number of bets simultaneously — without investing a ton of time into research. Successful MLB betting systems also provide an opportunity to win big in a short period of time.

One popular system involves choosing a select group of underdogs to bet on. Bettors tend to like underdogs for a couple of reasons: the general public tends to over-support favorites, and moneyline bets on underdogs allows a bettor to lose more often than he wins — while still making money.

While underdogs are appealing, they aren’t any help if you pick the wrong teams. Some popular underdog-based systems include: betting on an underdog with a stronger starting pitcher; betting on an underdog at home against a familiar divisional opponent; avoiding underdogs who are facing a number one-caliber starting pitcher.

Betting against teams whose players have historically struggled against the opposing starting pitcher is another popular strategy. Residual issues from prior games can also form the basis of a system. For example, a bettor might wager against any team whose starting pitcher is coming off a 120-pitch performance. Data has shown many pitchers struggle after that kind of heavy usage — or they’re pulled from the game early to rest.

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